It’s a blustery, overcast day and we have high-wind warnings here in Puget Sound. Sixty mph gusts? Bring it on. We’re used to this sort of storm up here and after a long cold snap I’m more than ready to welcome a change in the weather. Don’t get me wrong, the bright sunny days with intensely blue skies was pretty great, but it gets a little cold sitting at my desk on these types of days.

I got out a bit with my husband and we wandered through our local botanical garden with cameras in hand. This time of year you often take your beauty where you can find it. The colorful gold and coppery red leaves have been swept away by breezy fall storms and now we’re in a time of limbo, a few weeks away from the season of deeply hued evergreens and mossy lawns covered by blindingly white drifts of snow.

So I turned my lens on the wispy barbed tendrils of grass going to seed and scarlet red rose hips clinging to leafless branches. Sometimes it takes a bit of rooting around to find treasure, but it’s there, even in the waning, decaying days of autumn.